Work Order Management & Data Analytics Software

Stay “In-the Know,” Every Step of the Way

One of Compass’ key differentiators is our proprietary electronic Work Order Management System, Customer Service Portal. Field Deployment Tool, Warehouse Asset Tracking and Reporting System, “Data Depot™”. This software was developed, engineered, and maintained by in-house programmers, and contains extensive reporting capabilities to keep your Utility informed of project progress at all times.
“Data Depot™” can be utilized for Revenue Enhancement Modeling and Data Integrity Analysis, in addition to Inventory Management, Work Order Automation, Field Installation, and Meter Surveying with GPS Locate. This useful tool can be accessed securely via the cloud anywhere Internet access is available, giving you on-demand access to installation data and reports, and the ability to track the installation progress by both route and total project.

Reports and Modules available on-demand through “Data Depot™”

  • Field Work Order Management: Captures old meter final reading; new meter serial/transmitter/ID numbers; GPS coordinates, before/after pictures of installation site, unique site conditions, transmitter signal strength if available, customer interactions, lead pipe pit audit (optional pricing) and any additional work completed.
  • Utility Dashboard: Project overview, scope of work, percent complete
  • Substantial Completion: Scope of work by route/percent complete
  • Field Production Report: Daily installation details by account and date
  • Assist Report: Accounts that can’t or have not been changed and reason
  • Punch List: Accounts not complete by route
  • Online Account Inquiry: Account details, including pictures of pit sets and final read

To Plan. On Time. Within Budget.

  • The physical installation, whether it be of Meters, AMI Network Infrastructure or an IT Server array solution, is only one part of a utility efficiency project. To ensure benefits are maximized and disruptions to the community are minimized, projects must be closely monitored and controlled. Often times, however, Utility Directors don’t have the time or resources to manage such complex and multifaceted ventures on their own. That’s where Compass can help.
  • Compass offers Project Management services, which allows Utilities to take a hands-off approach and focus on their day-to-day operations while still ensuring a successful outcome.
  • Our background in engineering, design, consulting and implementation gives us a unique perspective. We have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, and know the ins and outs of the industry.
  • Our balanced approach to project management and quality control allows us to complete the project rapidly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. We ensure that project performance is visible, measurable, and tracked, and that risks are identified and mitigated.

Project Management Services

  • Project Status & Communication
  • Outside Vendors & Partners
  • Implementation Practice & Procedures
  • Resources (Equipment & Personnel)
  • Project Scope
    • o Risk Management & Issue Resolution
    • o Deliverables/Acceptance
    • o Budget/Cost Control
    • o Contract Management
    • o Quality Assurance

System Integration - Synchronizing Your Systems

On the quest to become “SMART,” Utilities, Municipalities across the nation are constantly inundated with technology and vendors promising to optimize efficiencies of services and improve the sustainability of their communities. Often times, the procurement of these technologies happens in silos. The water department gets one solution, the electric department gets another, waste department, another, etc.
While individual solutions may meet the needs of the departments they serve, they do not fall in line with the “SMART City” philosophy of interconnected systems and shared data. To be effective, a systems integration must take place.
Compass’ Systems Integration team specializes in making your utility systems “talk,” as well as third-party data sources such as telemetry, SCADA, GIS, SMART Sensors or weather. This large-scale, comprehensive integration enables your organization to make smarter decisions, offer personalized services, and provide more value to citizens.

Outside Looking In

Compass knows the importance of approaching each client from an unbiased, “outside-looking-in” approach. Just because there are no obvious flaws to current operations doesn’t mean that there might be a better, more efficient way to reach the same goal. We utilize our deep industry knowledge and technical know-how to help your utility understand the massive changes in processes and procedures, identify people impacted, and create comprehensive action plans to ensure long-term program success.