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Welcome to Compass Metering Solutions careers page. At Compass we offer many different fields in which to obtain a career in the ever expanding field of Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Metering Reading (AMR) industry. With decades of combined experience from our Executive staff and Veteran field managers we feel we can offer the best the industry has to offer in this critical utility infrastructure field. Please check the website periodically as we post job openings. Our work is performed nationwide on the systems in which contracts are awarded so travel is a must. If you are interested in becoming a Field Technician, please fill out the questionnaire, send it to us, and we will contact prospective applicants.

Utility Service Tech

Hard work and quality values are the staple of our core team. We strive to enhance the lives of each of our employees and their families in a positive way. We recognize our employees are the driving force behind our success.
  1. Gas Residential
  2. Electric Residential
  3. Water Residential
  4. Gas Commercial
  5. Electric Commercial
  6. Water Commercial

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